Aloha! Welcome to Our Journey, my blog about life in the South Pacific.
Life is full of new and fantastic experiences, especially when you live in a tropical paradise!
~ your friend, Loke


Every year, a surf contest called The Eddie is held in Waimea Bay, Hawai’i. Well, not every year… This year, the contest was planned to be held from the beginning of the year until February 29. Unfortunately it had to be called off. Why? The waves were too small. Talk about picky surfers, huh? The contest is held in honour of Eddie Aikau, who was a dedicated defending of Hawai’ian culture and sovereignty — and that included surfing. »

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You probably know that most South Pacific islands were created by volcanic activity. But volcanoes aren’t just the stuff of history books. A while back, I told you about the birth of a new island that was captured on film. Today I want to tell you about a few active volcanoes that you can experience up close and personal. Visiting a volcano is unlike any other experience in the world! The air around a volcano is very hot and incredibly loud. »

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A while back, I told you about the climate change challenges facing the tiny island county of Tuvalu. I’m afraid I have more bad news… The people of the South Pacific are among the most vulnerable in the world to the harmful effects of climate change. In fact, of the five more threatened nations, three are in Oceania! Most Vulnerable Nations to Seafood Security Threats from Ocean Acidification #1. Cook Islands #2. New Caledonia #3. Turks »

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The South Pacific: All palm trees and blue lagoons, right? Wrong! Oceania is the most ecologically diverse region in the world. I recently learned about one of Oceania’s hidden treasures, Milford Sound. Of course, it’s not really hidden. How could you hide a 15-km long fiord surrounded by 1,200 meter cliffs on either side? According to National Geographic Magazine, author and poet Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound “the eighth »

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