Aloha! Welcome to Our Journey, my blog about life in the South Pacific.
Life is full of new and fantastic experiences, especially when you live in a tropical paradise!
~ your friend, Loke


What do you think when I say, “New Zealand”? You might imagine rolling green highs and dramatic cliffs, like the ones seen in the Lord of the Rings films. Or you might imagine the Maori, with their powerful haka. Well, think again… Funkommunity is unlike anything you’ve heard before. They’ve got soul, heart and, of course, funk! Producer extraordinaire Isaac Aesili and singer Rachel Fraser are both from Aotearoa, also »

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1. Take a zipline tour Zip from tree to tree, like something out of Avatar. Zip Fiji offers unlimited “zips” on their lines scattered along a tropical rainforest tour. Enjoy the breathtaking views from up in the treetops. It’s an exciting, unique way to see the rainforest! Wainadoi, Pacific Harbour (Viti Levu) 679 930 0545   2. Get up close to local flora & fauna Kula Eco Park is an inexpensive and eco-friendly »

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Every year, travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler conducts a reader’s poll to find out where people love to visit. The 2012 winners have been announced! Here’s a little introduction to the top 10 destinations in Oceania… 1. Bora Bora      → Less than square 30 km large, Bora Bora is known for its blue waters and picturesque resorts on stilts. Very romantic! It is in French Polynesia, not far from Tahiti. Before French took over »

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Did you see Episode 4 of the Rainbow Pals Adventures: The Pearl of the Pacific? The journey continues!   Join our friend Loke as she shares her vacation photos from the Pals’ trip to the Cook Islands. What an adventure! Miro and Pua prepare an island meal, while Poni discovers a colorful tradition…   Starring: Loke & The Rainbow Pals  (Fun Fact: The language of the Cook Islands is Maori. “Cook Islands” in Maori »

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