Aloha! Welcome to Our Journey, my blog about life in the South Pacific.
Life is full of new and fantastic experiences, especially when you live in a tropical paradise!
~ your friend, Loke


Did you know that there are over 40 Pacific Islanders who play in America’s National Football League? From Isaac Sapoaga on the San Fransisco 49ers to Naufahu Tahi on the Minnesota Vikings — these tough guys play tough! They uses their brawn and smarts to play with the top players in the United States, and make the South Pacific proud! Many of the players are from Samoa. Do you know why? Samoans are often pretty big! Isaac Sapoaga is 6 feet »

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My friend and Rainbow Pal singer Pua just came back from a trip to Vanuatu, and she’s been telling the Rainbow Pals all about it. What a wonderful place! Vanuatu is a South Pacific country made up of 82 tiny islands, west of Fiji. Some of the islands are bigger than the others, of course. Some even have live volcanoes on them! The volcanoes are actually a wonderful thing, because they make the soil in Vanuatu very healthy. You’ve never »

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Anyone who has traveled around the South Pacific knows that it is the best place on earth. The travel guide Lonely Plant recently released their Top 10 Cities for 2011 list, and it includes New Zealand’s capital city Wellington! Here’s what they said about it: “Wellington is Cool-with-a-capital-C, crammed with more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York, and a slew of gourmet producers including some 10 independent coffee »

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Hey friends! We all know that Kokio lives for surfing. The other day he told me about an organization called Surfer’s Healing. It’s a really neat program that teaches kids with autism how to surf! Of course, there’s more to it than that. People with autism sometimes have a hard time connecting with people and the environment around them. Surfer’s Healing uses surfing as a kind of physical and spiritual therapy! Isn’t »

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