Aloha! Welcome to Our Journey, my blog about life in the South Pacific.
Life is full of new and fantastic experiences, especially when you live in a tropical paradise!
~ your friend, Loke


Hi! I’m Pua. Have I ever told you the story of how I met Poni? How do a little bird and an elephant come to be friends, you ask? PART I: GENTLE GIANT Poni is an elephant. She has all the things an elephant has. She has two floppy ears, a long trunk, and big, tromping feet. But if you think that’s all there is to her, you don’t know Poni! Poni loves music. She jokes that she doesn’t have an ear for music — she has two big »

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Sweet, sweet papaya. Hawaii is the top global exporter of the papaya, but did you know that it was originally imported? Papaya trees are indigenous to Central America, where they were called “ababai” — that’s where the name “papaya” came from!When the colonizing Spanish and Portuguese arrived, they fell in love with the fruit and brought it all over the world. As it turns out, Hawaii is a great climate for papaya-growing »

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Dear pals, I invited my friend Ponga to tell you the story of the day he learned the magic of sharing… I hope you enjoy it! The ocean is nice to look at, but it’s even better to look under. How do I know that? Because I’m a sea turtle!  I spend much of my day exploring the world beneath the torqouise blue waves. I have seen marvelous things under there — fish disguised as clowns, sting rays the size of a bus, coral painted in »

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Beaches are lovely places, but sometimes they’re not the best for swimming. Calm beaches that are ringed by coral reefs are great for snorkeling but not for playing in the water. Waves are fun, but they can be dangerous and exhausting. If you want to have a good swim, go to a swimming hole! A swimming hole is a place where a river or creek naturally form a deep pool. They can also be formed by underground springs. Some of the best swimming holes »

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